“Guiding professionals to Less Stress and more Healthy Balance.”

Stress in our lives.

Stress and worry impact our health, home life, and work performance.

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Don’t leave your career and health at risk!

We will work together in a process that uses coaching and integrative practices to help you control stress, maintain your sense of balance, and enhance your resilience to be your best at work and home.

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Jeffrey R. Pollock
Certified Life &
Leadership Coach

Proud member since 2012

Testimonial: “Coach Jeff has been instrumental with helping me find a self-balanced lifestyle while creating a vision for greater professional and personal self-fulfillment.”
~ R. Conley, Senior Residential Mortgage Lender


Improve your self-balance
Integrate mindfulness at work and home
Experience greater well-being in your life

Create Positive Change
I can teach you reflective practices that science has shown produces improved health. These techniques also build the sought-after leadership qualities of Resilience and Emotional Social Intelligence.

Getting Started is Easy

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