For Professionals and Companies seeking Positive Change

“Possibilities are the grounds for change in peoples lives.”
~ Coach Jeffrey R. Pollock

Who should talk to me?

Executives seeking leadership growth

  • Values Coaching Sessions for creating Coherence.
  • Emotional Social Intelligence (ESI) for buoyancy.

Professionals who want to flourish

  • Techniques for improving self-regulation.
  • Mindfulness practices for coherence.

People who sell experiencing Stress

  • Practices that foster “Healthy Achievement” of goals.
  • Meet business challenges with personal resilience.

“I help people see things in differently so they can create the change they seek.”

Design a life of your own choosing!

Visualize Your Change

Life’s Rough Patches

Regulate your highs and lows better.

Mitigate the impact of disruption.

Breakaway from unhealthy response patterns.

Stay Grounded so you can spot new opportunities.


“Jeff’s coaching style allowed me to dig deep and decide what was right for me, while giving me the guidance and support necessary to see the path forward.”
~ T. Ondusky

“Jeff has used creative coaching strategies with me to help me stop and think about what I say, how I say it, and how it impacts my prospect/customer.”
~ Matt B.

“Jeff is one of the voices you need to be listening to now to not only survive but thrive.”
~ Marilyn Landis, President & CEO, Basic Business Concepts

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