“What is possible if…?”

“Possibilities are ideas both promising in nature and a source of hope that become the grounds for change in peoples lives.”
~ Coach Jeffrey R. Pollock

Who frequently works with me?

People who want stronger business development results

  • You are someone with a non-sales background who wants better results.
  • You want greater clarity and a stronger message that identifies with your target market.

People who want to experience a greater sense of well-being

  • Identify what is most important to you and develop greater self-awareness how to achieve it.
  • Create a vision for your ideal ife and the well-being you want to accompany it.

People who want to experience greater self-fulfillment in life

  • You wonder what might bring you greater self-fulfillment.
  • You struggle to connect the dots to your larger life purpose.

“I help people step back and see things in different ways and create the change they seek.”

Explore a life of your own choosing!


We will work together in thought-provoking coaching sessions to create a vision for your possibilities.

The Edge You Gain

Paradigm coaching to expand your current assumptions.

Shift coaching to help you identify and achieve new goals.

Vision coaching to explore and create the ideal or dream life you want.

Brain Stuff: The latest neuroscience discoveries applied to the field of coaching to foster change


“Jeff’s coaching style allowed me to dig deep and decide what was right for me, while giving me the guidance and support necessary to see the path forward.”
~ Tara Ondusky, Vision Engineer, TJO Coaching, LLC

“Jeff has used creative coaching strategies with me to help me stop and think about what I say, how I say it, and how it impacts my prospect/customer.”
~ Matt B.

“Jeff is one of the voices you need to be listening to now to not only survive but thrive.”
~ Marilyn Landis, President & CEO, Basic Business Concepts

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