Get to Know Me

Jeffrey R. Pollock, ACC, C-MI

Certified Life, Meditation, and Leadership Practitioner with the tools to provide others for unearthing personal equanimity and balance.

Business Graduate of Duquesne University where my business foundation was laid before later completing Leadership Curriculum from Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business enabling me to gain insights to the challenges leaders encounter.

Over 20 years of corporate sales roles, where experiencing buyouts, downsizing, layoffs, and the stress of managing sales changed my direction and pointed me to a coaching practice resolved to addressing the affects of such issues and more.

My “Secret Sauce” is training in reflective and integrative practices that strengthen a person’s sense of equanimity in the face of uncertainty and Stress-producing situations.

Providing Credibility that comes with ingredients like designations from the International Coaching Federation (ACC ) and American Institute of Health Care Professionals (C-MI).

Pieces to the Puzzle: How the World Experiences Me

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Talent DNA

Appreciates thought-creating discussions

Fascinated by ideas and making connections

Strong knack for creating practical ways to proceed

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Brand Persona

“Confidence-Emitter” — one who asks questions

“Visionary” — one who sees the big picture and is energized by possibilities

“Evangelist” –one who is quick to inspire others

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Enjoys wide-ranging intuitive exploration

Easily sees possibilites in any situation

Is happy to help others make their vision a reality

Jeffrey’s leadership is seen as one who “communicates clearly and consistently”, and can “empower and develop others.”
~ Reach 360 Feedback

What’s for Breakfast?

When people talk about Jeff and breakfast in the same sentence the cereal he is most often compared to is Rice Crispies®. Full of energy!

‘Snap, Crackle, & Pop’

Fun Fact

Jeffrey was once a motorsport photo journalist and member of the National Press Photographers Association. His pictures were published in several prominent auto racing magazines and journals.

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