Jeffrey R. Pollock, ACC,C-MI

Jeffrey’s Recipe for a Unique Coaching Experience

Start with a heaping cup of CreativityLife & Leadership Coaching Certification from the Academy of Creative Coaching

Blend in specialization – Completed the 2019 Neuroscience of Change Coaching Program

CombineSales Coaching at the Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Level

Mix – In a dash of coaching workshop experience at the renowned Gestalt Institute

Advance learningMaster Certificate of Executive Leadership from Notre Dame University

Top with Credibility – International Coaching Federation ACC Designation & American Institute of Health Care Professionals Certified Meditation Instructor

Pieces to the Puzzle: How the World Experiences Me

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Talent DNA

Appreciates thought-creating discussions

Fascinated by ideas and making connections

Strong knack for creating practical ways to proceed

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Brand Persona

“Confidence-Emitter” — one who asks questions

“Visionary” — one who sees the big picture and is energized by possibilities

“Evangelist” –one who is quick to inspire others

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Enjoys wide-ranging intuitive exploration

Easily sees possibilites in any situation

Is happy to help others make their vision a reality

Jeffrey’s leadership is seen as one who “communicates clearly and consistently”, and can “empower and develop others.”
~ Reach 360 Feedback

What’s for Breakfast?

When people talk about Jeff and breakfast in the same sentence the cereal he is most often compared to is Rice Crispies®. Full of energy!

‘Snap, Crackle, & Pop’

Fun Fact

Jeffrey was once a motorsport photo journalist and member of the National Press Photographers Association. His pictures were published in several prominent auto racing magazines and journals.

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