Healthy Achievement for those who Sell that are members of the “Sandwich Generation”

Selling is stressful. It can be a roller coaster ride of emotions. Women and men try to manage the stress in a variety of ways. I work with you to maintain healthy achievement of your professional goals and life passions.
~ Jeffrey R. Pollock, ACC, C-MI, and Coach Practitioner at Sellistics, LLC




Ignite Hope


From Uncertainty


New Possibilities

Experience more consistent sales with less stress at work and home

The Drain of Selling

Selling is stressful. Stress impacts your health. Your health impacts your performance. Your performance impacts your results. If left unchanged the pattern can be disastrous.

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My Coaching Process

Founded in 2017, Sellistics, LLC specializes in leveraging coaching and mindfulness training to change how we deal with the challenges of sales, selling, and business development.

The “Sandwich” Generation: Working professionals ‘sandwiched’ between trying to accelerate their career while raising kids, looking after aging parents, and finding time for their spouse or partner.

“Coaching with Jeffrey Pollock is an adventure…We start on a journey — a topic of my choosing — and always end up in a place…[of] potential solutions. This happens because Jeffrey acts as a guide using excellent questioning and listening skills to help me generate possibilities…”

~ Brian Ahearn, Chief Influence Officer, Influence People, LLC, Author of the book Influence People

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