Resource: Something or someone to turn to for assistance in absence of new ideas

You’ve depleted your resources: friends, colleagues, significant other, maybe even your boss. All have good intentions. Most will tell you what they think you ‘should do’ or what you ‘ought to do.’ Not Me. Discover what makes my coaching different.
~ Jeffrey R. Pollock, Coach Practitioner at Sellistics, LLC




Ignite Hope


From Uncertainty


New Possibilities

Experience: To meet with directly through observation and participation

Archetype of Coaching

Typical executive coaching focuses on gap assessments, analysis of weaknesses, and 360 degree feedback. While this may produce short-term gains, new science reveals it does not lead to sustained change.

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My Coaching Process

I use paradigm, shift, and innovation coaching techniques to help clients access new ideas. The possibilities that emerge form to create a new vision for achieving what you want in life.

Discover the possibilities on your horizon.

Engage your sense of purpose.

Experience professional success and personal fulfillment.

“Coaching with Jeffrey Pollock is an adventure…We start on a journey — a topic of my choosing — and always end up in a place…[of] potential solutions. This happens because Jeffrey acts as a guide using excellent questioning and listening skills to help me generate possibilities…”

~ Brian Ahearn, Chief Influence Officer, Influence People, LLC, Author of the book Influence People

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