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We assist people engaged in sales and business development.

Our mission is to help professionals address the challenges of growing your business.


Sales have plateaued or even declined.

You struggle when face-to-face with prospects.

You find it difficult to keep your audience moving towards the next step.

Is your motivation for making sales calls dwindling?

Are you beginning to wonder if you’re even cut out for sales?

Are your old stand-by sales methods failing to deliver the needed results?

If sales tactics and closing tricks are not viable options for you, we provide a sustainable approach that can increase sales results in a socially responsible manner.

Does your company provide sales engagement training?

Are you a professional from another discipline or small business owner who lacks a sales background?

Our methods are in scarce supply. Imagine how you could benefit from improved results!

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Engagement Skills & Communication


We are a firm that leverages a coaching-based process. We partner with you in a collaborative fashion to explore the possibilities you have, and the steps you can take, to achieve new sales and your goals. This is not “canned training”, nor do we employ a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our services are tailored to each person we work with, so you develop an approach that is unique to only you in your target market.


We offer a Discovery Session FREE of CHARGE to you to discuss your challenges. Together we will determine if our signature offering called Sales Engagement for Success, or our Coaching for Professionals, can guide you to improved sales results. The coaching program builds on, and compliments, your existing strengths and experience. We can also create a custom plan for you. Be confident knowing we pride ourselves on assisting clients with creating new options that lead to some quick wins.


  • Weekly, 60-minute, 1-on-1 sessions
  • Coaching delivered via Zoom or Skype*
  • Easy and secure payment options

*Please inquire about all of our session delivery options.

Sellistics Founder


Sellistics coach-approach methodology is delivered by Jeffrey R. Pollock, member of the International Coach Federation and former Fortune 100 trainer/coach/field development specialist.

Jeffrey uses coaching and training interventions, while serving as your personal point of contact (POC) to assist you in developing skills that assist you in achieving your goals.

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Jeffrey has spent over a decade inspiring B2B and B2C salespeople with coaching and training. When he partners with you, he draws from sales experience gained in 5 industry classifications including Fortune 100 Insurance, Fortune 500 Manufacturing, Real Estate Information & Banking, Wholesale trade and Dealer-Direct Programs.

He began sales coaching at the Fortune 500 level in 2007. In 2012 he joined a Fortune 100 company to deliver training, coaching, and onboarding to sales professionals. In this role he earned 4 national recognition rewards for his contributions.

Jeffrey has a Degree in Business Administration from Duquesne University and a Master Certificate of Executive Leadership from the University of Notre Dame.

Talk with Jeff about some of his coaching success stories and how you can leverage his services to your own benefit.

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Client Testimonials

“Jeff has used creative coaching strategies with me to help me stop and think about what I say, how I say it, and how it impacts my prospect/customer. Look to Jeff if you want to improve your client engagement performance.” Matt B.
“[Jeff] has taught me new sales techniques along with new strategies of selling which have helped my career greatly.” David P.
“Jeff is a great motivator and coach! Through his guidance and coaching I have been able to develop techniques and strategies that have enabled me to successfully network with others to help me grow.” John S.
“Jeffrey is one of the most contagious, inspiring, and motivating coaches I have ever worked with.” Christine J.
“[Jeff] is a great facilitator; empowering others to do their own best thinking.” Dennis D.
“[Jeff] has helped me unearth my under-utilized strengths and capitalize on my professional talents and prowess.” Tremain M.
“I highly endorse [Jeff’s] services as a coach to other young professionals.” Ryan S.
“I turned to Jeff without hesitation and asked him to be my coach for three reasons; he is passionate about coaching, cares about your development, and he gets results.” Tim E.

Discover how we can raise your awareness of choices you have for improving sales, achieving stability, and creating better work/life balance. We will work with you to assure you receive the support you need.

Call us to talk about your current situation and how we can assist you with reaching your selling and business development goals. Our practices and this type of delivery are in short supply. Those who receive them gain a distinct competitive advantage at affordable rates.

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Phone: (614) 353-6216

Email: jeff@Sellistics.com

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“You can always change your sales approach,
but you can’t change human nature.”

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