Want to bolster your prospecting and client engagements? We will train you in techniques that can improve results.

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Do you feel strapped for time? Discover how to save time and effort using our methods.

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Overwhelmed or feeling burned out from the demands of your role? We will raise your awareness on how to create work and life balance.

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Here is who benefits:

  • New Start-ups
  • Small Business Owners
  • Emerging Growth Companies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales and Marketing People
  • Free Market Agents
  • Solopreneurs
  • Flex Employees
  • Freelance Workers
  • Other Disciplines

With a large company or organization? No worries. Our methods will work for you too!

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Client Testimonials

“Jeff has used creative coaching strategies with me to help me stop and think about what I say, how I say it, and how it impacts my prospect/customer. Look to Jeff if you want to improve your client engagement performance.” Matt B.
“[Jeff’s] collaborative approach reinforces his abilities to enhance the learner’s confidence and experience.” Renee S.
“[Jeff] has taught me new sales techniques along with new strategies of selling which have helped my career greatly.” David P.
“Jeff is a great motivator and coach! Through his guidance and coaching I have been able to develop techniques and strategies that have enabled me to successfully network with others to help me grow.” John S.
“Jeffrey is one of the most contagious, inspiring, and motivating coaches I have ever worked with.” Christine J.
“[Jeff] is a great facilitator; empowering others to do their own best thinking.” Dennis D.
“[Jeff] has helped me unearth my under-utilized strengths and capitalize on my professional talents and prowess.” Tremain M.
“I highly endorse [Jeff’s] services as a coach to other young professionals.” Ryan S.
“I turned to Jeff without hesitation and asked him to be my coach for three reasons; he is passionate about coaching, cares about your development, and he gets results.” Tim E.
“[Jeff’s] system is detailed and thorough and WILL ACHIEVE results!! I highly recommend Jeffrey as your career coach!!“ Billy W.
“The insights that [Jeff] has brought forward have done wonders for my business and my bottom line.” Chris C.

Using brain-based research, Sellistics has developed unique applications rooted in human nature that strengthen front-end sales and marketing efforts. Our methods are not found elsewhere and those who receive them gain a distinct competitive advantage.

“You can always change your sales approach, but you can’t change human nature.” ~Jeff Pollock


Training today most often focuses on product knowledge and systems training. Many companies lack specific sales engagement training that equips sales people with the skills they need to stand out from the competition in their marketspace.

Sellistics works closely with sales reps to craft an approach that helps them achieve better results in face-to-face networking situations, on prospecting calls, and in sales appointments. We help people develop and articulate sales call language, as well as hone sales approaches and presentations.

Blog posts by Jeffrey Pollock

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Is listening your priority with clients and prospects?

The Listening Deficit

The skill is listening, and few organizations do much to address this critical workforce issue.

Dyed-in-the-Wool Networking Speech

Is your networking message another dyed-in-the-wool elevator speech?

Sellistics Founder and Lead Specialist


From selling vegetable seeds as an 8-year old, to regional company VP of Sales, to Fortune 500 Sales Manager, to Fortune 100 Field Development Specialist, Jeff has experienced both success and defeat, grabbed national training recognition, and faced downsizing and company layoffs. He has a Degree in Business Administration from Duquesne University and a Master Certificate of Executive Leadership from the University of Notre Dame.

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Private Sector Experience

TRAINING:  Experience creating and leading Fortune 100 training initiatives with top results in on-boarding, training, coaching and field development of sales professionals.

COACHING:  Experience providing sales coaching at the Fortune 100 level, as well as coaching small businesses and individual sales professionals using a variety of formal coaching models.

MANAGEMENT INITIATIVES:  First hand coach-the-coach and train-the-trainer roll outs from national-based platforms. Recipient of four national recognition rewards for training and coaching with a Fortune 100 organization.

N.A.I.C.S.:  Sales experience in five industry classifications including Fortune 100 Financial Services & Insurance, Fortune 500 Manufacturing, and Wholesale trade & Dealer-Direct Programs.

Proud member of  ICF


Jeff does public speaking on select topics for meetings, associations, nonprofits, innovation hubs, social enterprises and others who make a request. If you are interested in having Jeff speak at your function, please contact him.

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Sellistics offers initial discovery sessions free of charge. We maintain this practice to first gain an understanding of your challenges.

We will tailor our services to provide delivery that meets your needs. You might require a one-time session or a series of sessions (engagement). We also provide services on a project basis.

Our aim is to provide high-utility, high-service at affordable rates with the goal that clients receive the help they want and need at the level they deem fits best.

Phone: (614) 353-6216

Email: jeff@Sellistics.com

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